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Cut Above Saws Available


Not too confusing.  We sold the Cut Above saw line to Covington Engineering.  They will no doubt add their own tweaks and logo and change color to "Covington Green".  In the meantime, people are asking to buy them.  For a limited time, while supplies last, we will be selling the completed saws we built prior to the sale.  These are all with our logo, powder coated almond and bright green.  Seven saws available at this time.  Only $795 with your choice of 305 "Agate Kutter" blade or 301 blade.  Or $695 with "Mean Green Blade".  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  WISHING EVERYONE A VERY PROSPEROUS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Cut Above Saws Sold

Hi, we have sold our popular "Cut Above Saw" line so no longer have them available.  The Cut Above Saw (formerly Gy-Roc Preformer will be available from Covington Engineering in the near future.  We will handle any warranty issues on those saws we have sold. 

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We are in the process of selling our popular Cut Above Saw line.  We temporarily removed it from the web site.

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SAVE BIG on small blades!  Sale prices valid through JULY 9.  Celebrate our country's birthday by buying a new trim saw blade!

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Hot Times In The Desert

Officially Summer and verified by the thermometer.  "Only" 112F today so far.  It has been running around 115F this week.  For those of you in the celsius world, it calculates to "very hot".  Our advice is to stay inside and cut those rocks you collected this Winter. 

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Where Does The Time GO?

Seems like we were just at Tucson and here it is almost June. We have been busy building up  inventory and bracing for our hot summer.  If you are feeling the heat, try purchasing lapidary equipment.  I think we would both feel better!

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We survived tax time and gearing up to make more saws.  Need help spending your tax refund?  We would be glad to help!

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Stoddard Wells Show

Anybody close enough to attend this weekend is one of the best rock shows in California.  At the base of an old marble mine 7 miles past the end of the pavement on Stoddard Wells Road in Victorville, CA this weekend Mar 10, 11, and 12.  Very poor phone service out there and we won't [...]

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Back From Tucson

Back from our over one month show trip finally.  Now we are busy catching up and unloading.  We will be having an inventory reduction sale on all diamond top laps (toppers) so check those out. We sold out of Cut Above saws in Tucson and will be building more soon.  Waiting on some machining that [...]

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Tucson Show

Hi Y'all.  All set up at Tucson and ready to open tomorrow.  A little mix up with tents so we are in space F7a instead of F7b.  Kino Sports Complex.  Be sure to stop by and say hello if you are in Tucson.

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